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Director of Photography

      Camera Operator  
Heading 5


 1 Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System with 28-135mm

    f/4 G OSS Lens. A Netfilx approved camera.s a Netflix approved camera system.      

 2 Sony PXW-Z90V 4K HDR XDCAM with Fast Hybrid AF, NTSC,PAL.

 2 Sony PXW-X160 Full HD XDCAM Handheld Camcorder. NTSC, PAL.

 1 DJI Osmo 4K Kit.

 1 GoPro Hero-3 Black Edition Camera with Accessories Kit.  

 1 7” 4k HDMI Field Monitors.

 2 Acsoon Cine Eyes Wireless Video Transmitter.

 2 Rav Power Prime 26800 mAh Power Banks.

 1 GVM Video Motorized Camera Slider (23").

 1 Lite panels Croma on Camera Light.

 1 Ikan LED312AS on Camera Light.

 1 Switronix Torch LED on Camera Light.

 3 Bogen 510 Fluid Head Tripods.

 3 Bogen Dolly Wheels.

 3 Leg Spreaders.

 3 AC Power Supplies.



 2 Sony BP-L90A.

 2 Sony BP-GL65A.

 1 Sony Dual Charger BC-L50.

 2 Sony BP-U 30’s with Charger.

 2 Sony BP-GL65A with Charger.

 4 Sony BP-U30 with Dual Chargers.

 2 Watson B-425 with Dual Chargers.

 2 Watson B-435 with Dual Chargers.



 1 D&O Lighting 180W Pro Bi-Color LED Panel with Barn Doors.

 1 Super Power Generator - D&O Lighting 900wh Lithium Power.

 1 Falcon Eyes Bi-Color Roll Flex LED RX18TD Kit.

 2 Genaray Spectro LED 800BI color Studio LED light.

 1 Genaray BLT60B Torpedo Led BI CLR Focusing LED light.  

 2 Ikan IB500 Dual-color LED light.

 1 Kino Flo 12v 15’’ Kit (2) Heads 3-32K and 3-56K Bulbs.

 4 1K Mole-Richardson Baby Fresnel with Barn doors.

 2 LTM Peppers 100watts with Barn doors.

 2 Led Bi-Color Magic Wands.

 1 Large China Ball with Assortment of Wattage Bulbs at 3200K.

 1 Medium China Ball with Assortment of Wattage Bulbs at 3200K.

 1 Small China Ball  with Assortment of Wattage Bulbs at 3200K.

 12 12/3 25ft Extension Cords.

  8  6 Way Power Strips.

  5 1K Hand Dimmers.

 1 Impact 5-in-1 Reflector Disc-42”.

 1 Impact 7-in-1 Reflector Disc-32”.

 1 Roll of Lee 216 Full White Diffusion Filter 48” x 25’.

 1 Roll of Lee 209 0.3 Neutral Density Filter 48”x 25’.

 1 Bag of C47’s.



  2 Matthews 3- Riser Hi Boys Stands.

  3 Matthews 3- Riser Light Stands.

  4 Impact 10 Foot Light Stands. 

  4 Impact Turtle Base Century C Stands 10.75’ (Black).

  2 GVM C360 Turtle Base C Stand and Cross Arm Boom Kit (10.5").

 1 Impact Baby Triple Header.

  6 Matthews C - Clamp with 2- 5/8" Baby Pins - 6".

  6 Matthews C - Clamp with 2- 5/8" Baby Pins - 8"

  2 2K’s Pigeon Plates.

  4 750’s Pigeon Plates.

  4 2K’s Side Arms.

  1 MP-9 Super CardellIni Clamp.

  6 Matthews Super Mafer Clamps with 5/8 Stud Pins.

  42 Medium Spring Clips. 

  1 48x48 Silk.

  2 24x36 Silk.

  1 12x12 Silk.

  1 12x12 Halo Silk.

  1 12x12 Full Grid.

  1 8x8 Light Grid.

  1 48x48 Solid Black Floppy.

  4 24x34 Solid Black.

  1 18x24 Solid Back Blade.

  1 48x48 Empty Frame.

  1 6x6 Light Grid with Frame Kit.

  2 48X48 White and Sliver B Board.

  12 Sandbags 25lbs Each.

  Live Streaming

   1  (OBS) Open Broadcaster Software.


  Live Stream Capability:

  1 Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher.

  3 Blackmagic Hyper Deck Studio Mini Recorders.

  1 Road case with 1 Blackmagic SmartView Duo, Dual 8" Monitors.

  1 Blackmagic Smartscope Duo.

  1 Marshall M-LYNX-702 Dual 7" Monitor.


    Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Suites.



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